About Hemali

Inspire by my journey inward, my deep appreciation and adoration for life itself, and my connection to the divine
I want people to feel a deeper connection to themselves from viewing and experiencing my artwork, so they can feel activated, alive, aware and  can experience their own magic
H O W  I T  B E G A N
I felt very unsafe and unaccepted during my childhood. For years, I felt unworthy of love, and afraid that I would always be disliked and abandoned. I felt unimportant and ashamed of who I was. Overtime, I went through a journey of deep healing. In learning to love + accept myself through meditation, yoga and shifting my perspective, I began to live life with more freedom, ease, love and optimism.
The artwork I create is a medium for me to channel my true self, my joy, my energy, my light. It feels like I am a vessel, and the deeper consciousness that’s inside of me pours out onto the canvas. I feel so in love with life. And, my intention is always that this love, this energy and freedom that I feel inside pours out through my artwork. My work is filled with vibrancy, lightness, beauty and magic. I code every piece with as much love and positivity as I can.

H O W  IT  A L L  S T A R T E D


Hemali Lala is a self-taught abstract artist, who started her journey in Philadelphia, PA. She currently is traveling in the United Kingdom, and creates her art from her South London bungalow. Hemali started her nursing career 9 years ago, the same time she started painting. Practicing nursing was one of the most challenging phases of her life. Even though Hemali was born to be an artist, she believes that her career as a nurse, as challenging as it was, lead her to being the artist she is today.

Hemali’s medium of choice is acrylic paint on stretched canvas. She also incorporates oil sticks and gold leaf into her work.

Hemali draws inspiration from nature, from her environment, from her conscious connection to the divine and the universe, and from the love she experiences within herself and with the beautiful people in her life.


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