Welcome To My Studio

I believe that there is light, beauty, magic and joy inside each and every one of us. And if we pay attention to what is within us, we can access the extraordinary.

I create art to express the deep adoration and appreciation I have for this beautiful life.

Welcome to my world!

Hemali's Story
  • Bonnie Renner

    " I feel like you painted these for me, Hemali. I just told my husband and I am crying over tears of joy over this gift from the universe. They will be a great way to mark this milestone in my spiritual journey. I am blossoming and breathing into a new life. "

  • Joe Skalski

    " Thanks for gracing our office with your art. It's appreciated everyday. Through your art, you extend into our daily lives, making things better and more beautiful. "

  • Shreyas Hebbal

    " I recently bought one of Hemali’s paintings called “Petal”. It’s probably one of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve seen including the delicate strokes and vibrant colors. "

  • Katerina Marie Edwards

    " I just hung up my original painting from Hemali and I framed too, and it brings me so so so much joy whenever I see it! I am so delighted by her use of color and movement, the colors are literally dancing across the canvas. "